Dubai Wild Wadi - Experience the most advanced water theme park
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Wild Wadi Water Park
An unforgettable adventure awaits you in the world's most advanced water theme park. Situated between Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Wild Wadi Waterpark is designed to offer hours of fun and pleasure to thrill-seekers and families alike. With 24 rides and attractions, most of which inter connect, guest are able to enjoy continous waterborne movement.

With state-of-the-art rides, including 8 Master Blaster and 2 Flow Riders, the Wild Wadi is packed with thrills and spills for children of all ages. Experience the exhilaration of weighlessness on the "Jumeirah Sceirah" a speed slide that hurtles you at speed slide outside North America cascading a breathtaking one hundred feet into the valley below.

The Wild Wadi Waterpark is designed around a tale from Arabian Folklore featuring Juha and his seafaring friend, Sinbad. The design and attention to detail, including characters to support the theme recently led to our World Waterpark Association Industry Innovation Awards for Outstanding Accommplishment design and Theming
Wild Wadi Water Park Rides
When it comes to excitement, you just can't get enough at Wild Wadi! For one adrenalin rush after another, try the 80 kms/hr downhill hurtle on the 33 metre high Jumeirah Sceirah; the 1.5 metre high waves at Breakers Bay; the 170 metre white-knuckle ride at Rushdown Ravine; or any of the 14 awesome interconnected rides. For the not so brave and the laid back, Wild Wadi offers hours of relaxation. It's the perfect place to unwind, sit back and have a great time.

Master Blaster slides are best described as "uphill water roller coasters". Riders can sit in either a single or double ring and are propelled uphill by high-powered water jets. The Master Blaster rides include: White Water Wadi, Jebel Lookout, Wadi Leap, Hos'N Hurler, Falaj Fury, Wadi Twister, Wadi Basher and Flood River Flyer.

Ring Rides
Ring Rides are downhill gravity slides. Riders sit in either a single or double ring and enjoy a fun, fast ride to the bottom of the slide. The Ring Rides include Tumble Falls, Falcon Fury, Rushing Rapids, Thunder Rapids, Tunnel of Doom.

Falcon Fury
A short but by no means sweet 58 metres ring ride.

Tunnel of Doom
This underground ride is longer and faster than any ride of its kind.

Family Ride
Summit Surge and Rushdown Ravine
Enjoy a huge splash with your family on this super-fun ride. The Summit Surge and Rushdown Ravine combination is daringly different. This unusually fluctuating ride first blasts you uphill into a pool area and then takes you on a 170 meter downhill, adrenalin pumping, white-knuckle ride!

Jumeirah Sceirah
Experience the exhilaration of weightlessness on the Jumeirah Sceirah, a speed slide that hurtles you at speeds of up to 80 kms per hour! It's the tallest and fastest free-fall speed slide outside North America, cascading a breathtaking 33 metres.

The Wipeout and Riptide FlowRiders offer the ultimate surfing experience. One of only four such rides in the world, the Wipeout FlowRider is a blast. Devised by the maverick American lawyer/surf fanatic Thomas Lochtefeld, the Wipeout works by shooting out more than seven tonnes of water per second in a thin sheet across a moulded foam structure, producing a realistic wave effect ideal for body-boarding, knee-boarding or surfing.

Juha's Journey
Juha's Journey is a 360 metres long lazy river. Guests of all ages can enjoy this relaxing ride around a river with a gentle current. A rather pleasant break after riding the exciting Jumeirah Sceirah or one of the many uphill waterslides throughout the park.

Breakers Bay
The largest wave pool in the Middle East, Breakers Bay produces parallel and crossing 1.5 metre waves in five different configurations.

Wadi Wash
Wadi Wash, a choreographed sound, light and water show, is one of the main attractions at Wild Wadi and runs every hour on the hour. The "Fossil Rock" regularly fills up with 60,000 litres of water to create a "Flash Flood".

Flood River
Circling the FlowRiders, Flood River features unannounced surges of 100,000 litres of water, creating waves over 2 metres high and sudden river rapids.
Wild Wadi Water Park Eating and Drinking
The ride down Jumeirah Sceirah is totally out of this world, but the climb is sure to work up an appetite. Luckily our two fast food restaurants - Sinbad's Galley and Julshan's Kitchen - serve the most delicious snacks in town. Grab our lip-smacking burgers and French fries, dig into our yummy pizzas and hot dogs, or treat yourselves to our range of ice-creams and wide selection of soft-drinks. Another nice thing about Wild Wadi is you don't have to eat at a table, though there are several throughout the park. Food can be eaten anywhere in the park, except for in the water, so you can continue having fun between bites.

Julshan’s Kitchen and Sinbad’s Galley
Wild Wadi’s two main restaurants serving fast food favorites like burgers, hotdogs, pizza and fries as well as some more healthy options like salads and grilled chicken.
Ali’s BBQ Offering the same great fare as Wild Wadi’s other restaurants but with the addition of a live cooking station.

Leila’s Stand
Great place to relax and cool down while enjoying an ice cream or soft drink. 
Wild Wadi Water Park Safety and Rules
Safety and Rules Sun & Water Safety Programme
Education can be fun. Honest. Just try our sun and water safety programme. Ideal for children between 4 and 12, the programme teaches them how to play it safe in a waterpark, while having a great time by applying 7 simple rules.

Rule #1 Don’t be nutty, swim with a buddy!
When swimming at a pool, beach, lake, or waterpark, always swim with a buddy and let adults know where you are. Never swim alone!

Rule #2 Walk, don’t run!
Running is the #1 cause of injuries at pools & waterparks. Remember to walk, don’t run! Rule #3 Never dive into shallow water!

Always enter shallow water feet first! When you cannot see below the surface of the water, always enter feet first NOT head first!

Rule #4 If something happens, stay calm as a palm. Don’t panic! If there is an emergency try to stay calm. It doesn’t help if everyone is panicking. Stay calm as a palm!

Rule #5 Call for help!
If something is wrong and others are there…call for their help immediately! Seek the attention of a lifeguard if at a pool, waterpark or beach.

Rule #6 When on a boat, wear a float!
No boats in WW, but wear a lifejacket if you don’t know how to swim! When on a boat, always wear a lifejacket.

Rule #7 When having fun, be careful in the sun!
Use sun block, sit in the shade, drink plenty of fluids, and avoid the hottest parts of the day. Have fun, but be careful in the sun!
Wild Wadi Water Park Cashless Payment
Imagine spending an entire day in the park, enjoying the rides, the food, the drinks and even buying great stuff from Souq Al Wadi, and not having to carry a single buck in your pocket! At Wild Wadi you can do just that. Our cashless payment system (just a techie term for a nifty waterproof wristband) stores electronic credits, which can be used to buy whatever you need in the park.If any credit is left over you can have it refunded at the end of the day.